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Who Makes Hisense TV? Hisense may not be one of the oldest TV brands in the world, but it has become one of the biggest in recent years, especially in its home country of China. How did this happen?

By selling great TVs at an affordable price to customers who are looking for more than just the most popular brand names and by investing in state-of-the-art technology that will help it sell more and more TVs year after year.

Read on to learn how Hisense made its way from obscurity to fame in just 20 years and what you can learn from it to improve your business practices.

Breaking into China


In 2001, a little-known Chinese company called Hisense started selling TVs in Africa. Within a few years, it had become one of the continent’s leading brands.

By 2010, Hisense was ready to take on the world. It set its sights on China, the world’s largest TV market. The country needed 1 million more televisions that year, and that number was projected to grow 10 times by 2020.

In 2011, the Beijing-based TCL Group sold Hisense televisions in China for the first time, becoming the first foreign brand allowed into a protected market.

Hisense grew quickly: by 2015 it had more than 10% of China’s white goods retail sales and ranked among the top five worldwide manufacturers with annual revenue of $5 billion.

who makes hisense tvs

Becoming a global brand

In just a few short years, Hisense has managed to become one of the most popular TV brands in the world. How did they do it? By offering high-quality TVs at an affordable price point.

Plus, Hisense has invested heavily in marketing and advertising, which has helped them reach a wider audience. Today, Hisense is a force to be reckoned with in the TV market. With their increasing popularity and affordable prices, many people are considering purchasing Hisense TVs for their homes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a smaller screen or something bigger, because there’s bound to be a model that will suit your needs. They offer flat screens, curved screens, and 4K Ultra HD displays (along with other great features), making sure that whatever your budget or viewing preference is, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Plus, they also have bundles so you can get all the equipment you need together as well as installation options if needed – making their experience easy and convenient!

No matter what kind of television you’re looking for (or if this isn’t even something on your radar), don’t underestimate the power of Hisense!

Taking over the U.S.

In 2016, Chinese electronics manufacturer Hisense bought out the struggling Sharp brand and began selling TVs under its name in the United States. The move paid off: today, Hisense is one of the most popular TV brands in America. How did they do it?

Growth in Turkey, Mexico, and Russia

In the early 2000s, Hisense set its sights on international expansion. The company started by selling products in Turkey, Mexico, and Russia. In each of these countries, Hisense found success by offering affordable TVs with features that appealed to local consumers.

As Hisense continued to grow, the company expanded its product line to include other electronics like air conditioners and refrigerators. Today, Hisense is one of the most popular TV brands in the world.


A Korean manufacturer, Hisense has risen to become one of the most respected TV brands in the world.

Now, in 2017, the business has consolidated its standing as an industry leader by being named by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 100 Most Innovative Growth Companies.

That includes Deloitte’s prestigious Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific list of companies that have significantly outpaced their industry peers over the past three years in terms of revenue growth.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How does it give a formidable start in India?

In India, Hisense started as a joint venture with Perfect China. The company was able to quickly make a name for itself by offering good quality products at an affordable price. By 2013, Hisense had become the second largest TV brand in India. And they were only getting started. India is not just our second-largest market; it is also the fastest-growing, said Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of HIDC at CES 2016. It has been a key priority for us.

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