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Seersucker is certainly most used summer fabric. It is used in making shorts, jackets, pants, shirts and suits. This fabric was originally made with silk and cotton so when it is dumped only cotton will get shrink and this gives it the crinkly look.

Seersucker is made from a slow weaving process, it is a stripped fabric mainly consist of cotton, nylon or polyester blend. Many threads are bunched together to produce a wrinkled pattern.

Facts about Seersucker


Fact 1

Its first popularity is from the British colonization period, it was worn in the warm weather.

Fact 2

Seersucker production is low profit and high cost mainly because of the slow weaving process.

Fact 3

The most colors that are used in the production of seersucker are Blue and White.

Fact 4

During the American Civil war, these were used to make baggy pants.

Fact 5

From 1940 and afterwards, the nurses and the volunteers in the US hospital started wearing red and white uniforms made from seersucker.

Fact 6

During the old West Cowboy days, the seersucker was used to make jackets and caps for train and railroad workers.

Fact 7

In the Unites States during the 1920s this fabric was mainly worn by workers so it was viewed as the fabric for the poor.

Fact 8

It is also the best property of seersucker that Seersucker does not need to be ironed.

Fact 9

The first Female United States Marine summer uniform was made from Seersucker.

Fact 10

The word Seersucker was originated from the combination of two Persian words Seer which means milk and Sakkar which means Sugar. Mainly reference to it’s smooth and ragged(wrinkly) texture.


Advantages of Seersucker

Since seersucker is a woven cotton it’s threads are bunched together and this bunching causes the threads to be held away from the body and maintain air flow to keep the skin cool.

That’s the reason why seersuckers are most worn in hot summer weather.

Seersucker become more famous among the workers because it does not get wrinkles as it is already wrinkled. The puckered texture is created from the slack tension weave. Slack tension weave is created from the pulling the some wrap yarns tighter than other, this causes the pucker to get wrinkly.

This texture is precisely useful because it can be worn, washed and packed without notable wrinkles.

Historical Facts about Seersucker

Earliest historical records of seersucker was found in the 1600 when it was traded through east India Company. From the mid Victorian era to the 20th century this fabric was also known as the bed ticking due to its wide use in bed sheets and pillows. The history of use of Seersucker is also linked since the beginning of the 20th century, across the British colonies where it’s cooling properties are most useful for the worm weather.

The first seersucker was made with light tan and white strip century later English man found that this fiber was perfect for warm summer weather and  the original name Shirshakkar was slightly changed in England to the Seersucker. And from there the fabric found its way across the ocean to the united states.

 The seersucker was introduced to the sartorial world by the American seersucker maker Haspel as the summer fabric in 1909. It soon become regionally popular because of its conformability and practical use in the hot southern climate.

Evidently people started using this fabric also on some official occasion after Joseph Guerney Cannon, an American politician met the American president Roosevelt in the seersucker suit in 1930.

During 1950s the cheap railroad spikes were worn by the young boys until they get old enough to wear jeans. And this fabric was also used by adults as the formal wear which was worn by the professional adults in the southwest and Southern US. Professors were also used to wear the full suit made of Seersucker.

In 1970s this fabric was famous among young African American which connects them to their rural heritage.

In the beginning of 1996 US senate held a Seersucker day known as “seersucker Thursday” in which the participants were dressed in traditional southern outfits.

This tradition was discontinued in June 2012 but this was again continued in 2014 by the other members of US senate.

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