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The anime series Black Clover is a Japanese series written by Yuki Tabata. It is one of the most popular series of Japanese anime. It’s a story of a young boy born without any magical power that is unknown in such a world where everyone has some power.

With the help of his close ones and hard work, he wishes to become the wizard king of the clover kingdom. Black clover anime has been broadcasting on TV Tokyo in Japan since February 2015 and is still in 2022.

This series has been released in 32 volumes. Officially, this anime has not been dubbed in English, but some sources have dubbed it.

Hence, there are some issues in watching it, so here I will share ten places to watch this anime and some other animes to watch. Top sites to watch this series: –

where to watch black clover



Kissanime is one of the sites which is famous for such anime series. You can watch Black clover, Naruto, and other famous anime series with English subtitles in different languages on this website.

This site provides a series of HD quality like 720 and 1080 pixels. Users have to register, which is free, and after creating your account, you are allowed to stream such series. This site has a vast 4000+ plus anime series. All these anime is available with their trailers on their websites.


To watch your favourite anime shows, this site is well known here. All the Japanese anime series like black clover, Naruto, one-piece, and many more are available free of cost in multi-languages with subtitles. All these are in HD quality, like 720 and 1080 pixels, so you can visit this site to watch and download all such anime.

It is a safe site to watch. Animes are available with subtitles and trailers.


The CartoonCrazy is one of the best-dubbed free Anime websites with many dubbed Anime videos to watch. Since many Anime lovers don’t want to watch while reading subtitles, this website has granted their preference. It supports Anime videos in 360p, 720p, and 1080p Animes and Cartoon videos.

Series like Hazbin hotel, Mira royal detective, thion crazy cartoons. Over 25000 anime are available. • No ads are there, so it is safe to use.


This is the best or one of the best places where all such animes are readily available in multi-languages with subtitles in 480 pixels video quality; all these are available for free. To enjoy its ad-free and high-quality, users need to buy its subscription. It is a globally usable site. • It is safe to use with so many anime series to watch.


Hulu perhaps not be that easy, and its cheapest subscription rate still comes with ads, but those can be forgiven, what with Hulu’s extensive anime offering. Should you ever run out of anime shows to binge on a different streaming service, Hulu and its list of top anime can fill in. All anime collection is available in good quality. Its subscription is cheap.


The 4Anime site is considered one of the best free online streaming sites; all the famous anime series are on board in good quality with a different language and subtitle options.

Just go on site and find what you have been searching means, whichever series you want to watch. Some promotional ads you can find, beware of that. The suggestion is given to choose what you want to watch. • Easy and fast in use.


We know that Netflix is one of the biggest and most famous movies and TV series-sharing websites. By purchasing its subscription, you can watch unlimited movies, TV shows, Korean drama, and Anime as much as you like in HD quality.

This Animewebsite website is accessible on Windows, Mac, Smart TVs, Mobile Phones, and Tablets. You can create a list of your favourite and most-watched TV series within your account.

There are many Anime series that you can watch on Netflix, like Dragon Ball, Black Clover, Naruto, Beki, and more. Its app is also available, which makes it easier to use. • App can be downloaded on Android and ios.


One-piece, black clover, Boku no hero, Haikyuu, and more are all famous and trending animation cartoon series being aired globally in different languages with subtitles hide-show feature on this streaming site named Funimation.

And you can find different content like Asian tv serials, Hollywood movies, and cartoons of different regions, all dubbed into English. Before subscribing, it allows you to have a free trial option.

Lot of ads can be seen on this website, but this problem can be solved after a subscription. Just typing the character name, you can search for the anime show. Here is the collection of all free and paid sites where you can search for any anime series, anime, and other content like Hollywood movies and tv shows; go through these sites and enjoy all the anime cartoon fun.


The CONtv is also one of the best websites to watch anime online for free, but it was formerly known as Viewster. allows you to watch the latest episodes, voiceovers, and Chinese animated series.

It has just about everything you need, from a free anime streaming site, from the ability to download your favourite series at the click of a button to multiple servers, with content always available.

The Animefreak.Tv is a website that helps you watch the latest anime series. It helps you watch great movies, series, and OVA (Original Video Animation). You can search for animated films from classic hits to new shows.

You can easily search for the latest, upcoming, and most-watched movies. You can watch the best seasonal anime for free with some research.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to Black Clover with complete information.

Will Black Clover ever end?

On July 7, 2020, the series resumed. In February 2021, it was revealed that Black Clover would finish its transmission on March 30, 2021, at episode 170, and that a “major announcement” would follow.

Why did Black Clover stop?

The Black Clover anime is coming to an end owing to a lack of content to adapt. It hasn’t been “Canceled” entirely, meaning no new episodes will be released, but it has been put on pause. The paucity of substance refers to the fact that the Black Clover anime is only a few chapters behind the manga.

Is Black Clover season 4 Confirmed?

13 June 2022, The fourth season of Black Clover, which will cover the last episodes before the adaptation goes on hiatus in March 2021, is now available on DVD!

Who is the most powerful demon in Black Clover?

These are some of the strongest demons in Black Clover. Megicula. Without question, Megicula, Lucifero, Zenon’s Devil, Zagred, Liebe, Moris Libardirt, Patolli and Licht.

This is the end of this guide. Hopefully, you find it helpful.

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