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The Little Mermaid will return to theatres the following year, maintaining Disney’s tradition of creating live-action versions of its animated classics.

The lead character of Ariel will be played by Halle Bailey, who shared a first-look photo of herself as Ariel in The Little Mermaid to commemorate the completion of filming in July 2021.

She posted on Twitter, “After auditioning for this movie when I was 18 and about to become 19, to now completed filming during a pandemic when I turned 21.” “Finally, we’ve arrived… I’m incredibly appreciative to having seen this movie in all its splendour.”

The Little Mermaid cast


Ariel will be portrayed by Halle Bailey, who is half of the R&B duet CHLOE X HALLE. The original Ariel’s voice actress, Jodi Benson, supported the choice of Bailey. She asserted, “I believe that what matters most is the character’s spirit. “What really matters is what you offer to a character in terms of their heart and spirit. I believe that a movie’s ability to tell a story is its most crucial quality.”

In an interview with Stylecaster in January 2022, Bailey hinted at the story’s contemporary retelling: “Everyone will likely be pleasantly surprised by some of the movie’s updated themes, in my opinion. More so from Ariel’s perspective of regaining her power and empowering women.”

Of course, “Part of Your World” was the song that set off the scene that caused the most emotion. “Three days of nonstop chaos were experienced. I couldn’t stop crying because I was simply wondering, “What the heck?” That song has a connection to all of us “She remembered.

little mermaid 2023

Halle Bailey as Ariel

Ariel has been cast as Halle Bailey! You might recognize her as Sky from the television series Grown-ish, from her musical combo with her sister Chloe Bailey called Chloe x Halle, or from the heated Twitter casting debate. Please allow us to all simply enjoy the adorable artwork depicting her as the Disney princess under the sea.

Awkwafina as Scuttle

The Crazy Rich Asians and Ocean’s Eight actors, who puts the “fin” in Awkwafina, will appear in this seashore tale as Scuttle the seagull. Buddy Hackett voiced the role in the original animated film, thus I am all for this casting that flips the gender roles.

Melissa McCarthy as Ursula

Comedy icon and two-time Oscar nominee will portray the evil sea witch in the film, and she has already recorded a few songs for it. Online reactions to the first news of her hiring were varied. Some fans hoped Lizzo, who had put her name in the running a few months previously, would star in a 2021–2022 remake of “Poor Unfortunate Souls.”

The Little Mermaid plot

While we anticipate that the remake’s story will closely resemble that of the original cartoon, we do know that new songs will be included.

Together with the original music supervisor Alan Menken, Lin-Manuel Miranda worked on the film. In February 2020, Miranda confirmed that he has composed four new songs just for the live-action version.

Miranda stated in February 2022 that none of the songs you enjoy are being replaced by the new tracks. “Those are all included. No one is a bigger admirer of The Little Mermaid than I am. I’m excited to see the potential we uncovered for some other music “He spoke to Variety.

He noted that Ariel would get a new song when she (spoiler alert) turns into a human for the duration of the second part of the film, but Ursula does not.

“Ariel temporarily lost her voice, but Rob Marshall came up with a clever technique to communicate with her. For her time on earth, we composed some music. She encounters many firsts as a person who has legs for the first time, “Miranda poked fun.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the real story of The Little Mermaid?

The original mermaid tale, which dates back 3,000 years, is in fact about the Assyrian goddess Atagaris, who accidentally killed her mortal lover Hadad. Distressed, she attempted suicide by jumping into a lake, but the gods intervened and transformed her into a mermaid. The period from 1837 through 1989 saw changes.

Why is Ariel’s hair so red?

The team disagreed about the hue of Ariel’s hair, according to Oh My Disney. Some others felt that Ariel’s golden hair colour was too close to Hannah’s portrayal, even though they had initially preferred it. The decision was made because crimson complements Ariel’s green tail.

What is the dark secret behind The Little Mermaid?

The original tale was gloomy and featured a suicide and murder. The Little Mermaid makes a deal with Ursula, the Sea Witch, in which she exchanges her voice and tongue for legs. She needs to win the Prince’s love in order to survive.

Is The Little Mermaid scary?

Parents need to be aware that The Little Mermaid contains some spooky scenes and is based on the well-known Hans Christian Andersen tale. In a pivotal sequence, Ursula the sea witch transforms into a giant and brandishes a trident.

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