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Ice Age Movies in Order: Unless you are a hardcore Ice Age fan, you are likely surprised at just how many movies exist within the movie franchise, and without a listing, it is difficult to see Ice Age movies in order. 

There are no prequels for the film franchise, so in order to watch the Ice Age movies in order, you would need to start with the first. 

Here is your best guide for watching Ice Age film series movies by their release order to get the full picture on the Ice Age movie franchise.

You do not necessarily need to watch the shorter films in order to understand the stories, but if you are looking to make the most of the movie marathons in the Ice Age movie series, then we suggest watching them in the chronological order that we have provided in this article.

Ice Age: Overview


Obviously, watching all of the Ice Age movies in order is absolutely worth it, because the Ice Age movie franchise is the canon animated movie loved by everyone in the family. The franchise may have generated five sequels and counting, but nothing compares to the first movie, Ice Age Itself.

The collision courses financial performances seemed to have killed off the brand, but Disney has recently revived it with The Adventures of Buck Wild, an animated spin-off released exclusively on streaming. 

Ice Age, Blue Sky Studio’s first feature, was released in 2002, a time when the animation industry was dominated by the Disney-Pixar-DreamWorks triumvirate.

In 2002, 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios released Ice Age, a kid’s animated movie about a group of mammals living in prehistoric times.

A group of mammals living in prehistoric times. The movie franchise of Ice Age, Ice Age has given us some of the most memorable characters of all time, like Sid (John Leguizamo), Manny (Ray Romano), Ellie (Queen Latifah), Diego (Denis Leary), Shera (Jennifer Lopez), and Scrat (Chris Wedges).

Ice age

‘Ice Age’ Movies & Shorts in Order of Release Date

You do not have to also watch the short films, but just to make sure that your Ice Age movie franchise movie marathon comes together well, we would recommend watching the Ice Age movies in the following order:-

Full Length Movies with Release Date:-

  • Ice Age – It was released on 15 March, 2002.
  • Ice Age: The Meltdown – It was released on 31 March 31, 2006.
  • Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs – It was released on 1 July, 2009.
  • Ice Age: Continental Drift – It was released on 13 July, 2012.
  • Ice Age: Collision Course – It was released on 22 July, 2016.

Short Movies with Release Date:-

  • Gone Nutty – It was released on 26 November, 2002.
  • No Time for Nuts – It was released on 21 November, 2006.
  • Surviving Sid – It was released on 9 December, 2008.
  • Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up – It was released on 25 December, 2010.
  • Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up: 2 – It was released on 16 December, 2011.
  • Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe – It was released on 6 November, 2015
  • Scrat: Spaced Out – It was released on 11 October, 2016.

Television Specials

  • Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas- It was released on 24 November, 2011.
  • Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade- It was released on 20 March, 2016.

Animated Series

  • Scrat Tales — It was released on April 13, 2022

All Ice Age Movies & Short Films in Viewing Order

  • Ice Age
  • Gone Nutty
  • Ice Age: The Meltdown
  • No Time for Nuts
  • Surviving Sid
  • Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
  • Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up
  • Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up: Part 2
  • Ice Age: Continental Drift
  • Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe
  • Ice Age: Collision Course
  • Scrat: Spaced Out

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Is Ice Age 5 the last one?

Before it closed on April 10, 2021, Blue Sky Studios produced one more Ice Age movie, Ice Age: Collision Course. The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, a stand-alone spin-off, debuted on Disney+ in 2022.

Is Ice Age movies over?

Blue Sky Studios spent 34 years creating animated movies, notably the enormously well-liked Ice Age series. According to Deadline, the five Ice Age films brought in $3.2 billion worldwide. The studio, however, made the announcement that it would close in April 2021.

Why is the new Ice Age movie different?

Instead of retaining the humour that appealed to audiences of all ages in the previous films, they have decided to openly focus on delighting their primary demographic of children.

What is Ice Age 7 called?

Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild, a movie centred on Buck going on an adventure in the Dinosaur World with Crash and Eddie, was announced to have been the project’s new title in December 2020.

Who is the villain in Ice Age 7?

Rudy! The primary antagonist of Blue Sky’s fifth full-length motion picture, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, is Rudy.

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