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Alaska the last frontier is an American reality television series which was narrated by Bray poor and Hugo Speer the series premiered on the Discovery channel.

The has been already aired for 10 seasons. The first season of the series premiered on December 29, 2011.

The last season 10 premiered on January 31, 2021, consisting of 12 episodes it aired almost 140 episodes in 10 seasons no doubt that it received very well from the audience.

The series is a reality show it was starer by Otto kilcher, Charlotte kilcher, Atz Kilcher, Bonnie Kilcher, Atz lee kilcher, Jane Kilcher, Eivin Kilcher, Eve Kilcher, Shane Kilcher these all were the cast of the series throughout the 10 seasons.

An overview of Alaska the last frontier


The revolves around a family named Kilcher family the family lives on a homestead in the Alaskan wilderness.

The family lives there avoiding all the technical help they live there in the same as our ancestors used to live in jungles.

The Kilcher family has to keep their bellies full by fishing, hunting, gardening while facing many dangers and threats like wildfires, tsunamis, and extreme weather, and several other problems. 

Their struggle for survival has been shown in the last 9 seasons how to make food and how they keep themselves alive in such conditions the 10th season of the series also reveals the family was affected by the covid 19 pandemic

through various footage they shot themselves the have to live in the remote areas covid pandemic has affected their life as well.

Eve Kilcher has to arrange homeschooling for his son Findlay during this pandemic and more above she has to bribe him with ice cream to attend school and to do his school work.

The viewers also saw how Eve and her husband used to teach various skills to their children to survive from covid and in the condition they live in.

is alaska the last frontier coming back in 2022

Will there be season 11 of Alaska the last frontier

The show has been already renewed for 10 seasons and 140 episodes now as for the 11th  season there has been no official statement and news regarding the release of season 11 from the

Discovery well but one of the members of the Kilcher family Atz lee Kilcher has shared an Instagram post from his account their he said that the cast and crew of the show is reuniting for,

the season 11  and also said that “with a little luck season 11 will be around the corner” if we follow the pattern of realizing of the earlier seasons and episodes we can expect the release or announcement of season 11   

Fans are eager to see more episodes of the show has very loyal and loving viewers these viewers are waiting very passionately for season 11 they are following the Kilcher family on the Instagram page to know the family and asking to say when season 11 will come.

Viewers comment on every post and video that the family share asking when they are coming back on TV recently Eve Kilcher posted a video picking Barrie’s on that video viewers commented that they are missing their adventure when they will return

 The audience is waiting for season 11 they like the show very much they are waiting for any announcement or news from Discovery about the release of the show till then they are repeating the 10 seasons.

Who will be on the show?

The main cast of the series is the member of the Kilcher family they all have worked for the 10 seasons of the series if the series is renewed then the same member will return

the head of the family is Atz Kilcher is a Vietnam veteran who wishes to raise the child as same as he was raised in his country his society was away from the civilization so he wanted to pass on his legacy to the future generation of his family.

In season 11, all the family will once again come back.  

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where we can watch Alaska the last frontier?

Well initially the show streaming on the Discovery it is a reality show the survival so it was premiered on the Discovery the season has been released with 10 seasons all of them can be watched on discovery all are available but there has been no news regarding the season 11 will it going to release on the Discovery or somewhere but given the love and demand from the viewers, it will come to Discovery Again.

Is Alaska the last frontier a true story?

The show Alaska the last frontier is a reality show and yes, it is a true story, it is a story about a family named Kilcher family the family is Vietnam veterans the head of the family was from Vietnam where he was raised in a society which was away from any kind of civilization after the family came to Alaska they live in the same as in Vietnam. The family lives in different to fill up their bellies they hunt, fish, and do other old school works declining all the new way to do it.  

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