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Pretty smart season 2 is an American comedy series that was created by Jack Dolgen and Doug Mad. The series was released in its first season having 10 episodes the series was premiered on October 8, 2022, on Netflix.

The series stars Emily Osment, Gregg Shulkin, Olivia Macklin, Cinthya Carmona, and Michael Hsu Rosen this is the main cast of the series.

Netflix has not made any public comment regarding the release date of season 2 rumours are that Netflix has dropped the series but it is not confirmed yet the first season was released in October 2021 it is very soon for Netflix to say Netflix will be a month or two to make a public announcement about its release.

The first season of the series got an IMDB rating of 5.8 the show was not able to make the top 10 list on Netflix but it is comedy series some viewers were able to relate themselves to the story they liked the series and craved for the next season to come.

If Netflix decides to release season 2 of pretty smart, it will likely come in the last 2022. The announcement will be made in a month or two months.

Pretty smart season 2 release date


The first season of the newbie comedy-drama series was released in October,2021on on Netflix. the season has been released with 10 episodes all were dropped at the same time on the server with 21 to 26 minutes of running time per episode.

Now for the second season, Netflix has not made it official whether the series is going to be renewed or not there has been no comment from the makers either on the release of the second season of pretty girls.

Even though it is very early to expect Netflix to announce the release of the second season. Netflix has its criteria for researching the response of series based on this research Netflix decided about renewing the series.

Pretty smart season 2

Pretty smart season cast

The main cast of the series is Emily Osment as Chelsea, Olivia Macklin as Claire, Chinthya Carmona as one of Claire’s roommates, Michael Hsu Rosen, and Gregg Shulkin as Claire another roommate.

If the show goes on track and Netflix makes up its mind to renew the series then we will see this on our big screens. There were some guest roles in the season we might expect them to in season 2 as well Kevin Miles as Dave, Robert Belushi as Johnson, Imani love as Tiffany, John Gemberling as Cody Briggs, and Alexandra Scott as Jane.

These were some guest roles and actors who played them who might return. And we can also see some new and different characters back to life if the series is to be considered for season 2.  

Pretty smart season 2 plot

The story of the series is about a girl Chelsea who has moved in with her sister Claire for a short time. Clair doesn’t live alone she lives with her friends Solana, Jayden, and Grant.

But given the twist and turns of the writer, she ends up living for a long time there she bonds up with every one of claims friends through the company of these new strange friends Chelsea experienced a whole new different way of life.

She became so close to everyone that by the end of the season she ends up sleeping with Grant but were just considered it a casual fling nothing serious in the finals of season 1 Claire breaks up wither boyfriend Grant because Chelsea still has feelings for Grant but the season was ended with a kiss between Grant and Clair and Chelsea saw it.

The season would be continuing story in this we will see Chelsea confronting her feelings about Grant to Clair but she will find out that Clair still has feelings for him the story of season 2 will depend on the decision of Grant who will he be choosing and how his decision changes the circumstances between sisters.  

Pretty smart season 2 trailer

The first season of the series was aired in October 2021 after that there has been whether the second season is going to be renewed or not. There has been no announcement neither from the streamer Netflix nor from the makers so we don’t know for sure will season two is going to air or not.

If everything goes well and Netflix decides to renew the series and makes it publicly official in a month or two then we can assume the trailer to drop by the end of this year.

FAQ: Frquently asked questions

Are pretty girls’ season 2 cancelled?

Well, the series was streamed by Netflix and there has been no announcement or any kind of public message for the viewers of the series about whether season 2 will come or not since the first season was dropped in October 2021 so it is very for Netflix to think over about the second season.

Where will 2nd season of the pretty girl be released?

The first season of the series was released by Netflix and it got a very mixed response from the viewers it received an IMDB rating of 5.8 that’s why it is very hard to say whether Netflix will revive the series or not although there has been public information about it from Netflix and from makers of the series.

Is pretty girl worth watching?

The series is a comedy-drama the story of it revolves around a girl who moves in with her sister for a short time but ended up staying months there she meets her friend became close to them and start loving a boy not knowing that boy is her sister’s boyfriend. The people who love triangular love story they would love it.

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