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Star is American television musical drama series that was streaming on 20th television and created for fox broadcasting company and was created by lee Daniel and tom Donaghy.

The story of the series revolves around three young talented singers who make their way into the o music industry to reach a successful level of music industry Jude Demorest, Brittany O’Grady, and Ryan Destiny has played the character of 3 young girls.

This series set was in Atlanta and has original music with musical fantasy sequences. Some other co-stars are Queen Latifah, Benjamin Bratt, Amiyah Scott, and Quincy Brown.  

The series was initially aired on December 14, 2016, after the premier of this series Amiyah Scott she became the third openly transgender person to play a transgender role in a scripted television show in America the first two ladies who did this were Laverne Cox on orange is the new black and Jamie Clayton on sense 8.

 Overview of Star

The series was created by Lee Daniel and Tom Donaghy and this series has been renewed for 3 seasons the series is a joint production between 20th Century Fox Television and Lee Daniel Entertainment and it was syndicated by 20th television.

The first season of the series was released on December 14, 2016, after fox decided to renew the series for its second season it was released on September 27, 2017, and it was again a huge success for the Fox empire.

After this success of the second Fox decided to renew it for the third season. season 3 was released on September 26, 2018, and it was aired on Fox.

The was globally released but in Canada, the series was streaming on Netflix on a fixed day of a week. Later in 2019 Fox decided to drop the series on May 10, 2019, Fox canceled the series after three seasons.

After season 3, unfortunately, the fourth season has been officially cancelled by the Fox studios so there will be no season 4 of this series the news of cancellation is very upsetting for the fans of the series but in the end, the series is discontinued.

The creator of Lee Daniels announces this news she uploaded a video regarding the cancelling of the show. There will be no season 4 but we can expect a tv movie to be released to tie up the loose ends that were left in season 3.

when is star coming back on 2022

What is Star about?

Star is about three young talented music girls. Star is a girl in the series who grew up in the foster care system she makes a promise to herself that she is going to change her life one day.

With her sister Simone, and one of her Instagram friends Alexandra together they travelled to Atlanta to follow their love of music.

The star’s vow started to shake when she faces the reality of this world that it doesn’t work as we want it works in a completely different way she found out that everything comes at a price they wanted to record a deal and found their first way in the music industry through Jahil Rivera a music producer he took a chance on them.

After a few months they had established themselves as the new emerging artist in Atlanta then they face some other problems their relationship with one was not doing great and their past came in front of them to haunt them.

Facing different circumstances, they realized that the music industry is very hard to pull through as they find themselves odd while in concerts and all. their struggle and their determination are what some people like about this show.

  • Why the series is cancelled?

Well, the series was renewed for the 3 seasons before they decided to drop the series the first two episodes of the series received well from the audience but the third didn’t do well the third season of a star on Fox received an average rating of 1.06 in the 18-49 demographic and 3.54 million viewers.

Which was compared to season 2 19% less in the demo and 14% less in viewership the series last has not performed as the maker was thinking so Fox thought of dropping and they cancelled the series.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Have Fox studios dropped the series?

Fox studios renewed the series for 3 seasons but the last season didn’t perform well so the makers and Fox Entertainment studio decided to cancel the series which is very disappointing news for the series fans but we can still expect a tv movie of the series for filling the gaps and tying up the loose ends that were left behind in season 3.

What is Star?

Star is an American television series that was created by Lee Daniels for Fox Entertainment Studios and was aired by the 20th television network this is a story about young talented girls who love music and they wanted to change their lives by navigating the music industry. The series has been released in 3 seasons and a total of 48 episodes.  

Is Star streaming on Netflix?

The series is available on many online platforms but Netflix isn’t one earlier the series was released globally on television at that time in Canada the series was streaming on Netflix but after it failed to make its way to Netflix. So, the conclusion not it is not streaming on Netflix.

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