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Where to watch Your Name? Well, there are multiple video content streaming platforms that have Your Name Anime and you watch it for free without having a hassle.

I have listed some of the best anime websites that allow you to watch anime online for free and legally. Most free anime sites are chock-full of almost every kind of anime show, both new and old, but it may not be legal to watch them in your country.

Some websites have official licenses to legally stream anime shows online and offer their audience the pleasure of watching them for free.

Now they have found their place on the global anime streaming sites that bring anime
viewing pleasure to many fans around the world in their rawest form. In this article, we’ll
show you the best anime sites where you can watch your favourite anime online for free & some of them will also be paid for. So, let’s go!

where to watch your name

Where To Watch Your Name?


The below-listed websites have been some of the best free anime streaming websites in 2021 that you can use to watch anime shows and series, like YOUR NAME in 2022. It would help if you considered bookmarking the sites from our given list.

List of 10+ Websites to watch Your Name:

Here a list of streaming services platforms where you can watch Your Name from your Smart TV or PC/Laptop without having a hassle. All you need is a stable internet connection in order to access these platforms.

Anime Ultima

Anime Ultima is also a great online site that offers a stream of animated series in Japanese. If you’re among those who wonder where to watch Your Name, there are many websites where you can stream anime movies online.

You can find your favorite animation videos in English and Japanese. Instead of downloading these animated series, I would rather you stream anime online directly from these websites.


MasterAni offers you so many animated series to watch online, and there is a good chance that you can watch your favourite movie online on the site.

Another great thing is that Watch Anime offers high-quality video streams. Although it comes from Crunchyroll, it has a unique edge.


Crunchyroll is another top website that offers 20,000 episodes of various anime series
online. Crunchyroll also offers manga to read, and Asian series to watch.

An exciting community to be a part of, and occasionally shows their original anime productions. All major anime streaming services have a channel, but not all of them offer free episodes.


Try Anime-Planet if you’re looking for an informative site to watch anime for free. Besides
watching anime online for free, Anime-Planet also lets you read manga and get news about the latest anime shows, movies, games, etc.

While it primarily functions as a database site, Anime-Planet also offers over 45,000 anime episodes for online streaming with an impressive selection of some of the most popular titles.

Anime Paradise

Anime Paradise offers a mobile-optimized interface for watching movies on your phone. It provides a free platform for fans to stream premium anime and read pure manga and provides users with anime soundtracks.


Kissanime provides an enjoyable experience of watching anime and finding new souls. As the name suggests, the Kissanime site focuses on anime.

But you can also find TV shows and movies. It is among the most popular anime sites, making it easy to watch the latest and most popular anime.


With our list of the best anime streaming sites, you can also take part in the anime craze and see what anime has to offer. You can subscribe for free today and experience watching anime on Netflix for yourself.

Animefreak.Tv is a website that helps you watch the latest anime series. It helps you watch
great movies, series, and OVA (Original Video Animation).

You can search for animated films from classic hits to new shows. You can easily search for the latest, upcoming, and most-watched movies. You can watch the best seasonal anime for free with some research.

Hulu TV

Hulu Anime is one of the top anime sites for online anime streaming. Hulu is an anime
website app for unlimited instant viewing of current and classic TV shows and blockbusters.

It is a popular streaming TV show and movie site, but it also lets you watch anime with
dubbing and subtitles for free.


CONtv is also one of the best websites to watch anime online for free, but it was formerly
known as Viewster. allows you to watch the latest episodes, voiceovers, and

Chinese animated series. It has just about everything you need, from a free anime streaming site, from the ability to download your favorite series at the click of a button to multiple servers, with content always available.

Anime Heaven

You can use your respective iPhones, tablets, laptops, computers, and many other devices to watch movies and anime sites. If you find a website that can download videos and stream them, the Anime Heaven website will be an excellent choice.

As you can see from the list, there are several free anime streaming sites available for legally watching anime. As the name suggests, you can create lists of anime series to watch. The ones listed above are free & paid anime sites where you can watch anime online.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently Asked Questions related to the Where to watch Your Name with complete information.

Is your name 2 coming?

The hardback release date has been set for November 21, 2017 by publisher Yen On. Let’s hope that fans won’t have to wait too long to see the actual Your Name 2.

Is Your Name a real story?

While the fictional village of Itomori is one of the film’s locales, the film was inspired by real-life sites that served as a backdrop for the town. The city of Hida in Gifu Prefecture, as well as its library, Hida City Library, are examples of such places.

Is Your Name anime sad?

Your Name is a depressing film. It has a nice ending and some amusing moments, but it’s still a sad story. It’s depressing.

Is Your Name on Netflix

Your Name is not currently available on Netflix in the United States. In fact, if you were to look in the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia, it’s not there.

This is the end of this short guide.

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