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This guide explains how you can install Zoom application on Roku TV without having a hassle.

Zoom is one of the most used video conferencing application in the world which you may have to regularly use to take or join meetings for different purposes.

It has become a necessity of almost every person to use Zoom on different devices for communicating in today’s world.

You can enjoy better quality video meetings using the Zoom app, connecting your device to faster Wi-Fi.

As Zoom is available across platforms such as Android, iOS devices, PC, and Fire stick, and has the best quality of video and audio, various features provided by the Zoom Meeting application, recording sessions, and sharing screens.

If you’re wondering that how you can use and install zoom cloud meetings on your Roku device, then this article will help you in doing so. So, stay tuned and read throughout the post.

Are you able to get the Zoom Cloud Meetings on Roku TV?


Zoom Cloud Meetings is not available yet in the Channel Store as a standalone app, this does not prevent you from using it on a Roku device.

If you have a Roku streaming device in your house and want to get access to zoom, you cannot download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app and use Zoom directly, since the official app is not available on the Roku channel store.

The duration of the session on the zoom application is 40 minutes, besides, one can record any session, regardless of subscription packages. 

While the Zoom app is compatible with most devices, you will be unable to download and install Zoom Meetings on your Roku TV. The only way you can get the Zoom app on a Roku device is to mirror your second-hand devices screen.

Since the Zoom app is not available in Rokus channel store, you will have to mirror your Android devices screen in order to view your video conferences on a larger screen.

Now, using Zoom on Roku is well worth the effort, because you get the big-screen experience of your meetings.

Zoom Roku

How to Get Zoom Cloud Meetings on Roku?

Zoom meetings can be mirrored to the Roku by screen mirroring, so that you can view it on the larger TV screen. By turning on Screen Mirroring in the Roku streaming players, you will be able to mirror the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from your Android or iOS devices.

Now, invite your colleagues, employees, or friends for a meeting, and instantly cast your Zoom meeting on the TV screen connected to the Roku, using its screen mirroring feature. You can view the Zoom conference live meeting on your TVs connected Roku.

When you are having a meeting with a co-worker or an employee, invite them and show the meeting on your Roku connected TV screen.

Also, you can set up video conferences and join meetings via Zoom on your Roku TV and you can create video conferences and participate in gatherings on Roku streaming players or TVs via the Zoom Cloud Meetings app.

So, you should be able to make video calls or join meetings in Zoom via Roku by screen mirroring using your android/iOS devices and also with your PC.

Cast Zoom Cloud Meetings using Android Devices

If you wish to use your Android phone to use the Zoom app on ROKU, then follow the procedures below:

  1. Open the settings on your Android device after unlocking your phone.
  2. Use the search bar to locate the Cast menu, or open Connection & sharing and choose the Cast option. [The term for the cast will typically change depending on the developers]
  3. Choose your Roku first from list of compatible devices now.
  4. The screen of your smartphone will show up on your Roku TV after the connection is established.
  5. Launch the Zoom Cloud Meetings application at this point and log in using your credentials.

Through the Zoom, you can now hold video conferences and participate in meetings on a Roku TV.

Cast Zoom Cloud Meetings through iOS Devices

Ensure that Roku’s Airplay capability is activated so that you may cast video via iOS devices. So, to cast from iOS devices, follow these steps:

  1. On your iOS device, click the App Store.
  2. Type Zoom into the search box, then select the Zoom Official app from the list of results.
  3. To download the app on your apple device, click the Get button.
  4. Next, select the Screen mirroring option from the Notifications bar.
  5. Now, from list of accessible devices, select your Roku device.
  6. The screen of your iOS device will be seen on the TV linked to your Roku device.

Open the Zoom app and log in using your Zoom account information. Then, you can use Roku’s zoom.

Cast Zoom Cloud Meetings from your PC

To set up a Zoom conference on ROKU using a Windows computer or laptop, go to the instructions below. However, for this to work, both your Windows computer or laptop and Roku need to be on the same Wi-Fi internet network.

  1. Visit while the Chrome browser is open.
  2. Access your Zoom account by logging in.
  3. Select the Connect tile by clicking the Action Centre button in the lower right corner.
  4. Choose OK after selecting your Roku device from the available devices list.
  5. Your PC’s screen content will now be broadcast to your Roku.
  6. On your Roku TV, you can now participate in meetings and hold conference calls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you screen mirror zoom on Roku?

Utilize the Zoom mobile client to start or join your meeting as usual. Search for Smart View in Android Settings, then press to launch. Turn on Smart View. Choose the Roku device you wish to mirror to on the following screen if it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Android phone.

Can zoom meetings be mirrored on TV?

To identify your TV, start the app on your Android and tap the blue mirror icon. To establish a connection, tap the name of your TV next. To connect, you can also scan the QR code on your TV.

How do I get my TV to display Zoom?

Simply connecting your laptop to your TV via the HDMI connector is the quickest and easiest way to install Zoom on your TV. Many contemporary computers lack HDMI ports, yet the majority of TVs (smart or not) do. If so, a USB-C to HDMI dongle that can perform the connection may be necessary.

Can you mirror Zoom from iPhone to TV?

Tap Mirroring the Screen. Choose the name of the Zoom Room. the passcode that is displayed on your Zoom Room screen. By doing this, the Zoom Room TV screen will see your iOS display.

Can I watch Zoom on my smart TV?

Zoom can be used with your smart TV using mirroring, an HDMI cable, or casting gadgets. If you have an iPhone or Macbook, you can use AirPlay to cast the screen of your smartphone onto a compatible smart TV. Chromecast can be used for this as well.

Does Zoom have a TV app?

Owners of Fire TV Omni devices must install the Zoom app from the TV’s app store and connect a webcam to the TV. The user can access the app and log in as they would on a computer or smart display once it has been configured.

Can you Airplay Zoom?

Using Airplay mirroring, MacOS or iOS devices can share content with Zoom rooms. On MacOS and iOS, it communicates with the Zoom client and the Zoom room

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