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Is Dimmer With 3 Way Switch? The 3-way switches are usable for eco-friendly, energy-saving bulbs, which sadly are not available for most of the dimmer switches.

You certainly can use more than one three-way switch in a single circuit, but generally, do not use more than one three-way switch controlling the same bank of lights. 

Whether you want a 3-way or multi-location dimmer depends on how much control you want over the levels of light, and from how many locations. You can use these dedicated dimmers to control light intensity from multiple locations. 

Three-way switches are best used in hallways, stairwells, multi-entrance bathrooms, and other large areas where you might want to control light sources from several points of access. That is where three-way switches are useful:

They let users switch a centrally located light from several sides of the room, or the top and bottom ends of the staircase. In this article, we’ll tell you the working of a three way dimmer switch and how to install it.

How Does a Three-Way Dimmer Switch Work?


Depending on what kind of lighting you are using, the types of dimmers will differ. Dimmers are the most up-to-date lighting options, which can easily be controlled using 3-way switches.

Although the 3-way switch has three different control systems, or switches, you cannot have more than one dimmer in a 3-way switch.

The idea behind the dimmer in 2-way switches is to dim a light in two different locations. In three-way switches that do not have the function of dimmers.

Three-way switches enable lighting controls to be accessed via more than one switch in a circuit. If two switches control one light, or a group of lights, a three-way dimmer is needed.

If you would like a three-way dimmer to be your main means of controlling your lights, you may wish to turn the other two switches off. If you would like the 3-way dimmer to be your main means of controlling your lights, you could turn the other two switches off.

If you have a 2-way circuit (where you control the same light through two switches), you should select a push-button/push-off dimmer, and replace one of the switches with this dimmer.

With a 4-way setup, you add a third switch in between the two switches. You can control the dimmer by using more than one switch; one is the master switch; another is the secondary switch.


How to Install a Three-Way Switch for a Dimmer?

If you have a 3-way switch setup, where a lighting fixture is controlled from two switches, you can install the dimmer to replace one of those switches, but be sure to purchase the switch that is designated as a 3-way dimmer.

However, you can now find 3-way dimmer switches at a store, that have three wires coming out of the back, just like three screws in a normal three-way toggle switch, and this will replace one of its three-way switches.

Installing allows you to have two controls that switch the light on and off, leaving a third switch to be used for a dimmer feature. If you are able to shut the lights down using a switch other than the one used to turn them on, go to the three-way switch section.

The proper equipment and supplies are required before you can begin installing the switch. Below, we have given the complete procedure to install a three way switch for a dimmer:-

Get the right Supplies

You will have to buy a specific three-way light switch (a standard one will not work with your three-way switches). If you replace one three-way switch with an average dimmer, you compromise the ability of the other three-way switch to toggle between lines. 

Having a dimmer switch is pretty obvious. Since there are many different kinds of dimmer switches, it is important to check the instructions that come with the product before installing. It is important to have a voltmeter handy for this installation so you can see if the circuit is working or not.

You also need screw drivers and wire strippers to complete this task. You will also need measuring tapes and needle nose pliers. When installing an electrical switch, a measuring tape is required to gauge the amount of wiring.

To manipulate and cut wiring during the installation of an electrical switch, needle nose pliers are utilised. Also, there shouldn’t be any switches in the circuit and if there are, they must all be three-way switches.

Remove the Previous Switch

When replacing your existing three-way switch, make sure you reconnect the wires at their corresponding screw terminals. If a switch is usable as a single-pole or tri-pole, an additional screw might be present, so make sure you check your wiring diagram.  

Once you have removed your existing wall switch and prepped your wiring by removing insulation, your dimmer switch is ready for installation. You must take out the present wall switch in order to install a dimmer switch on it. Simple single-pole ON/OFF switches make up the majority of standard switches.

Most often, a new switch plate that reflects the dimmer function’s control scheme will be included with the new dimmer switch. To make a connection, remove 1-2 inches of rubber coating from the ends of the wiring and open the dimmer switch.

To prevent cutting or harming the wire’s metal portion, the wiring must be carefully stripped. Carefully detach the old switch from the wall’s wire. Before touching any potentially live wall wire, use the voltmeter to confirm the voltage.

Wire the Dimmer Switch into the Three-Way Switch

To wire up a 3-way dimmer switch correctly, mark or label existing electrical wiring coming out of the home so that you can plug it in exactly the same way into your new switch. If you wish to add a dimmer, you will need to change either of the two switches. 

The switch is then wired the normal way, with the common in SW2 wired to hot at the source, and the common in SW1 wired to hot at the light terminal. Three-Way Switches with Sources in the Middle In this configuration, the power supply for a circuit is located in a lighting fixture located at mid-way down the circuit.

Three-Way Switch Wiring with Light in Middle The electrical source is located at the first switch, and the light is located between SW1 and SW2. If you are replacing two three way lights switches on top and bottom of the staircase, or on each end of the corridor, you may think that you will need two 3-way light switches, but in reality, you will just need one.

You may also use a wire stripper to break off the knotted ends of bent house cables. If necessary, remove 3/4 inch of casing from the ends of the house cables and the wires for the dimmer switch.

The green or bare copper wire in the wall box should be connected to the ground wire from your dimmer. Wrap the ends in a wire connection nut after clockwise twisting them together. Remove the electrical tape after connecting the black dimmer wire to your marked common wire.

Separately attach each remaining wire in your wall box to each of the two remaining dimmer wires, also known as traveller wires. Mount your dimmer to the wall using the included screws and a screwdriver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Can you use a dimmer on a two way switch?

You must select a push-on/push-off dimmer and swap out one of the switches if you have a 2-way circuit (where the same lights are controlled by two switches). In a 2-way circuit, only one push-on/push-off dimmer is permitted.

Can you put 2 dimmers on a 3 way switch?

You should only have one dimmer on the circuit when using a 3-way dimmer switch. Only on-off switches may be used for the additional switches (you may have more than one).

Can you have 2 dimmers on the same circuit?

Each group is limited to one dimming device. The dimmer can be placed in either spot, but not both. You can add more dimmers to the circuit by using “companion” dimmers, which certain firms sell.

Why does my 3-way dimmer switch not work?

It sounds like a single pole switch was installed where a two or three way switch was required. The need for proper wiring between the switches is a contributing factor in the issue. Two hot wires are required. Based on the wiring layout, a neutral wire can also be required.

What is a 3-way dimmer?

A three-way dimmer allows you to operate a light with just two switches. Both a three-way dimmer and a three-way switch are required. This enables you to dim from one area while turning on and off the lights from another. Buy a single-pole dimmer if there is only one switch used to regulate the lighting.

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