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10 Movies like Inception: One of Christopher Nolan’s greatest works is Inception. It rapidly became a modern classic and every cinephile’s new favorite film because to its captivating plot and all-star cast, which included Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Elliot Page, and Cillian Murphy.

Dom Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a spy with a distinctive M.O. He penetrates people’s subconsciouses in order to obtain crucial information for his customers. One day he is given the assignment to do the opposite: to introduce a concept into someone’s mind through their dreams.

The story of Inception jumps back and forth between many dream levels, often at a dizzying pace, making it easy for a less focused audience to get lost.

1. Shutter Island


One of the movies most frequently associated with Inception is Martin Scorsese’s horrifyingly sinister Shutter Island. The two films were both released in the same year, have the same lead actor in Leonardo DiCaprio, who gives standout performances in both, and use the same kind of intricate, multifaceted storytelling with clever narrative twists and tricks.

Shutter Island is more heavily influenced by horror mystery, whereas Inception has a more sci-fi atmosphere. However, both are suspenseful action movies that use the psychology of their protagonists to confound viewers.

10 Movies like Inception

2. The Truman Show

Undoubtedly, The Truman Show is among the best movies ever made. Jim Carrey is at his very best in this scene, adding his trademark physical humor to a dubious and unsettling situation.

The Truman Show, directed by Peter Weir, earns a spot on this list for its philosophical take on modern society’s obsession with penetrating others’ privacy through technology.

This obsession is somewhat mirrored in Inception, which uses dream-sharing technology to literally penetrate people’s subconscious. Of course, The Truman Show has its fair share of surprises and plot twists along the way, just like every single film discussed in this article.

3. Perfect Blue

In the movie Perfect Blue, a pop star tries to switch careers and become an actress, but soon becomes the victim of stalkers who are enamoured with her and the perverted nature of the entertainment business.

When dreams and reality collide to produce ambiguity and confusion, there is a lot of deception in Inception. The amazing anime movie Perfect Blue, directed by Satoshi Kon, is filled with these emotions. What the viewer initially takes to be the main character Mima’s fantasies quickly turns into her reality—and to such an extent that the two can hardly be distinguished.

4. Source Code

Many movies take too long to get to the point. Duncan Jones’ film Source Code, on the other hand, goes right to the point.

There is a middle section, one of the most satisfying cinematic endings I have ever seen, and it feels as though there is no beginning. Colter Stevens, a US military pilot, awakens on a train bound for Chicago and discovers that he is actually in the body of another person. His last memory is of his plane crashing following a run-in with Afghan terrorists.

5. The Machinist

Watch The Machinist if for no other reason than to observe Christian Bale’s commitment to his art. For months, he subsisted solely on apples and caffeine to get this bizarrely lean physique. When you see his bulky figure in Batman Begins, a film that came out soon after The Machinist, it appears even more stunning.

6. Triangle

Why on earth is this movie only given a 6.9 on IMDB? Yes, you would probably rank a movie as average if you judged it solely by its trailer, but I strongly advise against doing so. Before seeing this movie, the less you know about it, the better. It’s a true masterpiece, in my opinion. If you watch Triangle with an open mind, you’ll be astonished by its profundity and beauty.

7. Sleep Dealer

The only issue with time-travel movies is that the story holes are far too numerous. You may never be able to fully comprehend certain elements of this film, leaving you perplexed. But in that regard, it is quite ideal because even the smallest events have a purpose.

The future depicted in Sleep Dealer is one in which immigration and globalization are major problems. Governmental agencies are using citizens’ confusion to divide and rule the populace.

8. Memento

The central character of Memento is Leonard, a man whose life’s goal is to get revenge on those responsible for the rape and murder of his wife. However, his biggest enemy is his own impairment—short-term memory loss. He gets tattoos of significant information and hints about his wife to help him remember it.

The film keeps you on the edge of your seat until the shocking climax, when everything is revealed. You won’t anticipate it at all! It’s a situation you don’t often see in movies. Check out some other thrillers like Memento if you enjoy this one.

9. The Others

While anxiously hoping that her husband will return home after World War Two, a mother tries valiantly to shield her children from the outside world. Things start to go wrong when three weird servants arrive, and her daughter starts reporting strange occurrences and intruders everywhere. Their mansion grows more and more eerie with each passing day.

Although more than three-quarters of this film is classic horror, the shock at the conclusion is quite original and takes some time to get used to. It will occupy a lot of your time in thought.

10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

By erasing memories of their time together using technology, a couple is attempting to move on from their split. They decide to sabotage the operation halfway through after realizing how barbaric it actually is. Has their time run out?

When you keep thinking about a movie for a few days and want to watch it again, you know you have seen something unique.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is there another movie like Inception?

The two other Nolan films that most closely resemble Inception are the brain-splitting Memento from 1999 and the perilous The Prestige from 2006.

What is the highest-rated film on IMDB as of January 1st, 2022?

1. Prey (I) (2022) The Predator’s history begins 300 years ago in the Comanche Nation. One of the first highly evolved Predators to come on Earth, Naru, a talented fighter, battles to defend her tribe.

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