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Here we have covered all information about the Shameless Season 12 such as Release Date, Plot, Trailer and more.

Since the beginning of the shameless series in 2011 we have been hooked on the story of the dysfunctional Gallagher family, we have been with this show for more than 11 years, 11 seasons & 134 episodes still people are waiting for the next season.

It’s a great achievement for any show, talking about the achievements “Shameless” is the highest running written show of broadcasting television. This Show is created by Paul Abbott & John Wells & Is based on a TV series.

Cast of Shameless


One reason for the popularity of the shameless series is its Talented cast which includes actors like William h Macy as frank who was an Oscar award nominee, Cameron Monaghan as lan who is also popular for his role in DC’s Gotham, Emmy Rossum as Fiona the eldest daughter 

Shameless series season 12

Some other important characters are 

 –   Jeremy allen white as lip

–   steve howdy playing kevil

  • Emma Kenney(Deborah) 
  • Cameron Monaghan (Ian)
  • Noel Fisher (Mickey Milkovich)
  • Christine Isaiah (Liam Gallagher)
  • Kate Miner (Tami Tamietti)
  • Joshu Malina (Arthur Tipping)
  • Dennis Cockrum (Terry Milkovich) 
  • Elise Eberle as (Sandy Milkovich
  • Toks Olagundoye (Leesie Janes)
  • Chelsea Alden (Tish)
  • Patrick Sabongui (Martin)
  • Shakira Barrera (Heidi)

Ending of season 11

Season 11 has 12 episodes, this season ended with the death of frank from covid 19.

Lip sold the Gallagher house although he lost his dream of wealth, and his job & he still has what is most important to him that’s his family.

Lan & Micky have finally west side condo started their security business, & finally have a settled life.

Carl finds out that Tisha is pregnant, & whether the child is his or not this question remains unanswered.

The audience is not very happy with the ending many think that most characters remained undeveloped & ending did not do justice to them but the makers think it’s the best way to end it.

Release date of season 12– 

Although Showtime announced that season 11 was the last but there’s the possibility of next season considering the audience this show has gathered in 11 years.

Many shows in the past that were announced completely later restarted after a few years so the same can happen with “Shameless” too.

Since 2022 fans are constantly talking about the possibility of next season on social media hopefully the makers of the show will notice this.

Trailer of shameless season 12

As for now, there’s uncertainty about the making of the next season so we can assume that even if the makers decided to make the next season we have to wait for a year or two for the trailer.

There is no official announcement by the makers or the actors yet, but fans all around the world are waiting to hear news about it as soon as there’s any new news regarding this Show we will update you.

Season 12 plot theories

It’s hard to imagine shameless without Frank which was the main character of the series,  also in the 11th season the Gallagher House is sold, everyone went there own way some even moved out of the city & started a new life.

So it’ll be challenging for writers to write story for season 12 but it will also be interesting to see life of characters now ,we hope it doesn’t disappoint fans like the last season did. Fingers crossed.

Some more facts about the show

•Shameless has won & has been nominated for many reputed awards including BMI film award, golden globes award, peoples choice aware usa, multiple Emmy awards, writer guild of America

• Woody Harrelson Was considered for the role of  Frank

• 5 different actors played role of Liam

• Scripts were not allowed on the set, director wanted actors to play their part naturally.

 • Isidora Goreshter who played the prostitute Svetlana  is not only actress but was also an assistant director.

Frequently asked questions –

What happens to Frank? How did he die?

Frank although being a drug addict and alcoholic did not die from overdoes but from covid 19.

Is Shameless based on real life?

No, it’s a fictional story.

Did Fiona return in season 11?

Unfortunately no, we did not see Fiona in season 11.

Where can I watch shameless?

It’s available on Hulu, Netflix & amazon prime.

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