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Remote for a Toshiba TV: For your Toshiba TV, purchase the best remote. Are you looking for a universal replacement remote for your Toshiba TV? I’m here to assist you in identifying the top and top-rated universal remote controls for a Toshiba television.

Even though I posted a little while ago, I’m here today to give you the list of remotes that work with Toshiba TVs due to multiple reader requests.

1. The Sofabaton U1 for Toshiba TV


The universal remote control for your Toshiba TV that is most frequently suggested is the Sofabaton U1. Nearly all reviews and I agree that this is the best universal remote currently on the market.

The Sofabaton is a sophisticated smart universal remote control with many functions and the greatest number of device compatibility, not just a standard universal remote. Because of this, I personally refer to it as a single remote for all of my smart home’s devices.

The Sofabaton U1 universal remote control works with not only Toshiba TVs but also Toshiba DVD players, Toshiba AV Receivers, and Toshiba STBs. You understand? This universal remote from Sofabaton can operate more than 5000 different gadget brands and their countless versions.

You may operate up to 15 devices with one Sofabaton U1 universal remote. Use this Sofabaton U1 remote control to replace the remote controls for 15 different devices.

2. NetTech

For all Toshiba TV models, Nettech has an exclusive universal remote control. The Nettech new Toshiba universal remote control, which is affordable, is compatible with all smart TVs and TVs bearing the Toshiba name.

You don’t need it to programme for Toshiba TV using a universal remote code because the Nettech universal remote is made to function with any model Toshiba TV.

The Toshiba TV brand has been around for a while. So, it’s possible that you still use a very old Toshiba TV model at home.

You can get this Nettech universal remote to use with your older Toshiba TV model if you’re one of the users. To use the remote control with your Toshiba TV, put batteries in it.

Only the bare minimum features are available on this inexpensive Toshiba TV remote. Any streaming service that is externally connected to the Toshiba TV, such as Fire TV stick, Roku, etc., prevents you from using the remote. For each of those linked devices, you should use a different remote.

The huge button on the remote is one of the highlights of this Nettech Toshiba TV universal remote control. It makes it simple to use and cosy for elderly family members like your grandfather and grandmother.

3. Universal CT-RC1US-19

For anyone looking for a universal remote for the Toshiba Fire TV Edition, good news has arrived. Have you destroyed the original Toshiba Fire TV remote control because you’re using the Toshiba Fire TV version? The greatest universal remote for the Toshiba Fire TV Edition has arrived. It is compatible with Fire TV Edition and Toshiba TV LEC and LDC.

The learning functionality was offered by this universal remote. Using the learning characteristics, you can easily obtain the functions from your original universal remote control.

You must point towards the TV to operate the Toshiba TV because this is not an RF remote. Before ordering the CT-RC1US-19 universal remote control for your Toshiba TV, please make sure it is compatible with the Toshiba Fire TV Edition model number.

4. Neuronmart

The finest universal remote for all Toshiba TVs, including LED, LCD, and HDTV, is Neoronmart. The original Toshiba TV remote control, model number CT-90325, is fully replaced by this universal remote.

Therefore, you can use the Neuronmart universal remote as a genuine Toshiba TV remote control that is completely functioning. One drawback is that the Fire TV Edition of Toshiba TV is incompatible with this Neuronmart replacement remote.

You can use this Neuronmart remote control with the TV if you have both a Smart and a Non-Smart Toshiba TV without having to link the devices.

The Toshiba TV replacement remote from Neuronmart is made with large control buttons, according to the design specifications.

It makes using it simple for you and the older members of your household. The remote control is a bit wider since the buttons are larger. You can hold on to your hand comfortably because of this.

5. The Primote IR 

For all Toshiba TVs, the Primote IR replacement remote. A fascinating aspect that sets the Toshiba TV budget universal remote apart from the others is its affordability.

The maximum distance between the Toshiba TV and the other universal remotes, as far as we are aware, is only about 10 to 12 meters.

However, the maximum range of this universal remote from Primote is 35 metres. You can easily manage the Toshiba TV from a far distance if you have a long corridor and have it installed inside of it.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does any universal remote work on Toshiba TV?

Almost every universal remote, including the many applications available as well as the physical alternatives, will function with your Toshiba TV, so if you have one, you’re in luck!

How do I know what TV remote to buy?

If you have the remote control, the model number may be there if it’s broken and you’re seeking for a replacement. Depending on the brand, it may also be located on the back, side, or top of the remote, usually close to the brand logo.

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